Why Is Brand Awareness Important In Your Business?

Why Is Brand Awareness Important In Your Business?

Building a brand from zero is a big challenge. Attracting visitors to your site and converting them is another big deal. Regardless of the business size and experience, all companies consider brand awareness a crucial part of business success. So, what is brand awareness? And why is it essential for a company’s success? This article will help you realize the importance of creating brand awareness, ways to build it, and critical metrics to measure brand awareness:

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness refers to the ability to recollect a brand when a specific product or service is associated with the brand. Businesses maintaining high brand awareness are likely to generate more sales and revenue when compared to others.

Why is it important?

  • According to Oberlo statistics, 46% of surveyed consumers would pay more for brands they trust.
  • 73% of consumers consider customer experience a critical factor in purchasing decisions.
  • 79% of users say that user-generated content impacts their purchasing decisions.

Importance of Brand Awareness

The main goal of a brand awareness marketing strategy is to increase knowledge about your brand within the target audience.

1. Brand Awareness builds trust.

When you consistently show up on multiple online channels, you gradually build a loyal customer base in the long run. Once consumers trust your business, they are more likely to make repeat purchases without other thoughts. Building brand awareness fosters loyalty and trust among your target customers. It gives your brand a consistent personality to share your story, sell products and receive customer feedback.

2. Drives traffic to your website.

You need solid marketing awareness strategies to get visibility on search engines and generate organic web traffic. Once people learn about your brand, you keep attracting visitors to your site. The next challenge for you is to convert those visitors into customers through your services.

3. Enhance your Brand Perception.

You may expose your brand to millions of people. But, if none of them likes your brand or is interested in your work, the big crowd goes useless. The brand strategy helps you to change how people think of your business. Brand awareness is people knowing about your business; brand perception is their feelings about your brand. Both of them may differ. But you are already working on brand perception when building brand awareness.

4. Lets you Create Better Content and Products.

When more people know about your brand or the product, you get access to more insightful data by asking questions to your target audience. This practice will help you tailor your marketing efforts, improvise the quality and create better content and products according to the customer needs

5. Top the Lead Generation Game

Brand awareness may not directly get you leads. But, if you want to generate leads, your brand should be the first thing that comes to people’s minds when buying in your niche category. And brand awareness will do the necessary work for you.

5 Ways to Build Brand Awareness

Brand awareness cannot happen overnight or from a single viral post or a simple advertisement—strong brand awareness results from multiple consistent efforts beyond just selling the products to the consumers. Here are a few ways to establish unbeatable brand awareness in public:

1. Converse humanly.

Due to the constant pressure on businesses to show up every day, authenticity and to be human are lacking. Artificial content, false promises, and fake results may seem attractive, but they will take a severe toll on the consumers' trust. Of all the shallow companies out there, let your brand resonate with authenticity. If you want to impact your audience substantially, you should define yourself as more than a commercial company that sells products. Present yourself before the audience as a single person and not the company. Make them curious about your brand, address their issues, and reveal how your brand can genuinely help them.

2. Tell your story.

Storytelling is an incredible way of connecting to your audience and marketing products. Creating a story around your brand humanizes it, and incorporating it in your marketing strategy can make your products more memorable. People love hearing stories. The story can be about the founder, how the business idea emerged, how your business can create a difference in this world etc. As long as you are authentic and loyal, your story is working to build brand awareness.

3. Simplify your Sharing Process.

You should know where your target audience is and what they discuss. Remove all the obstructions that are complicating the sharing process. Simplify the process of content sharing for your audience. Word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective way to build trust among customers. Users are more likely to trust a recommendation from their friends or acquaintances than paid marketing. Embed social share icons on your website and help readers share content with ease.

4. Do Guest Blogging.

Guest blogging is one of the effective ways to draw visitors from authoritative sites to your websites. With guest blogging, you can take advantage of the web traffic that’s already there on another website. You invite them to visit your website by delivering relevant and helpful content. You use brand voice to present yourself as a human first, a company second, and persuade consumers to buy your product.

5. Advertise on all Platforms.

If you want to establish strong brand awareness in your target audience, outdoor advertising is one of the best ways. Placing billboards strategically in high-traffic areas can expose your brand to thousands of people each day. Unlike any other advertising method, billboards advertise your brand 24/7 to whoever passes by. The smart billboards launched in the market use AR and artificial intelligence to modify for the optimal consumer experience.

Metrics for Brand Awareness.

Are you looking for key performance indicators for brand awareness? We have listed a few of them:

1. Website Traffic.

The number of people visiting your website through a search bar, native search, or a social advertisement. When you observe an increase in website traffic over time, mainly after your brand awareness campaign launch, it is a clear sign that brand awareness is building. Use tools like Google Analytics to measure web traffic over time and from which platforms you drive the most traffic.

2. Social Media Engagement.

Social media platforms offer tons of metrics for brand awareness and analytics tools,s mainly offering sponsored posts and paid ads. When you are building brand awareness organically or through paid options, it is essential to measure specific social metrics like reach, impressions, likes, shares, comments, follows, hashtags, mentions, etc.

3. Search Volume.

If you want to establish brand awareness on search engines like Google, it is necessary to measure the search volume around your business and industry’s high performing keywords. The search volume data helps you learn how much interest there is around your brand, analyze competitors’ sites, and know how much opportunity is present to build awareness around specific keywords. Tools like Google Trends, Google Keyword planner, etc., help you measure this metric.

4. Surveys.

You may have acquired sufficient data from the tools. But, speaking directly to the audience and gathering feedback will have a significant impact. Conduct brand awareness surveys and ask them what they know about your brand, your competitors, and how they feel about it. It improves brand affinity and establishes a one-on-one connection with the audience.

Increases your Brand Awareness with Getweb Designs

Brand awareness is powerful and can substantially impact your marketing efforts, consumer perception, and business revenue. Follow this guide to build solid brand awareness for your brand. You will soon be rewarded with a loyal audience that recognizes your brand among others, buys your products/services, and recommends them to their friends/family. At Get Web Designs, our experts will help you strategize, execute, and maximize your brand awareness. Thanks for reading!

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