10 Factors to Consider When Designing an eCommerce Website

10 Factors to Consider When Designing an eCommerce Website

Designing an eCommerce can be challenging. If you are a first-time business owner, things get even more complicated. Right from website performance to user engagement and customer support, you need a platform that offers result-oriented eCommerce web design services. In short, you need an eCommerce website design that is simple enough to understand and also fulfills the eCommerce challenges.

Unlike news websites, eCommerce websites are built not only to inform but also to showcase your products and allow customers to shop and make purchases. Designers should make sure that your website is intuitive and easy to use to make sales.

How is web design used in e-commerce?

A well-designed website helps your company to effectively communicate your brand message to the target audience. If a customer visits an online store that is unattractive, clumsy, and unorganized, they tend to walk away and never return again. A good design can attract quality leads, provide a remarkable user experience, and present your shop in the best light.

If you are looking for a checklist for web design, here are the top 10 factors you should consider before approaching eCommerce web design services:

  1. Keep your design consistent with your products

    Imagine you are designing a website to sell children's products and the design is simple and plain, the visitors will know that something is out of alignment and abandon your website. The products you sell, and the content you make should be consistent with the website design. Consistency is important to make your eCommerce website work. If you are looking for a design that captures the user’s mind for a long time, look no further than Get web design. We want to make use of the best platforms to create designs. Opt for our Shopify Website Design Services to build your web design on the world’s popular Shopify platform.

  2. Get a secure Website

    Who wants to catch a bug while browsing your website? It's not only the user’s computer that is at risk. As an eCommerce owner, your store contains loads of product data and users’ personal information that is to be secured. An unsecured website spoils your brand reputation on Google as well as on other search engines. Google already started warning websites without SSL certificates or HTTPS protocol. If your website is not secure, users cannot visit your website and you might be losing potential orders.

  3. Website Search functionality

    Browsing Categories is necessary when the users aren’t aware of what they want and looking for some inspiration. Otherwise, a simple search function is enough for the users to find out the products they want. When you are unsure, it is wise to seek professional help. Get Web Design offers outstanding Website Design Subscription services where you can choose a subscription plan that best fits your business requirements.

  4. Payment options

    Your website visitors can come from any corner of the world and each country has its own currency. What if the payment options supported on your website aren’t compatible with your customer’s currency? Even though the customer likes your products, he cannot purchase them resulting in potential losses for your company. Thus, your website should support all the major payment methods like PayPal, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, American Express, Stripe, Square, Apple Pay, etc. You might have to consider digital currency also as it is gaining much popularity in recent years.

  5. Shipping rates

    Hidden or unexpected Shipping costs are the number one reason customers abandon Shopping Carts. It is because they might be unaware of the charges or expected lower rates. Online Shopping is making them buy without having to physically attend the store. Thus, all information about the shipping options and rates should be detailed in the menu with a link on each product page. Otherwise, you may lose the trust of the customers.

  6. CMS integration

    Content Management System allows you to store, and manage all your website’s content in one place. Any changes you make to the content will be automatically reflected on the live website by integrating the Content Management System. The CMS helps your team to quickly react to tickets from customers. We incorporate the advanced functionalities of the eCommerce legend BigCommerce platform which means Get Web Design a Bigcommerce Agency.

  7. Mobile-friendly design

    It is important to know that searching on a mobile is different from searching on a desktop. While you can look for detailed responses on a desktop, when a user does mobile browsing, he is probably looking for quick information. With the faster adoption of smartphones, it is necessary to have a mobile-first website. Keep the visuals captivating to grab users' attention. Optimize the visual content for better loading speeds and make your web design simple and easily accessible to the users.

  8. Shopping Cart Design

    Not many web designers pay attention to shopping carts. But, the shopping cart is one of the most important parts of your website. A well-designed shopping cart enables users to quickly add items, revise orders, or delete items from Cart with ease. When designing a shopping cart, make sure to add necessary functionalities like high-quality product images, product descriptions, reviews, a search bar, an order summary, product recommendations, and “continue shopping” options.

  9. Contact Support

    If you want to build a brand with loyal customers, you need to show them how passionate you are about helping them in their tough times. You should let your customers know that you are just a click away to help them. Provide contact information and other means of communication on your website. If you hide them, the customer sees it as a red flag and is less likely to trust your authenticity.

  10. Easy Checkout Process

    You may enable a guest checkout option, or allow fast transactions, but your eCommerce website should allow the customers to easily check out their items. The easier the checkout process is, the more motivated your customers are to complete the checkout process. Make sure that you use a single-page process for checkout and keep the design simple to not overwhelm your customers.

Wrapping Up!

Saying is a lot easier than putting it into practice. As an eCommerce web design agency, we know from experience what all the features, nuances, and technology are needed to create a convenient, functional, and high-performance eCommerce website that attracts customers and makes conversions. If you want a website design that is functional and inviting to the customers, contact Get Web Design. We are a reputed eCommerce Web Design Agency that delivers web design solutions to solve real-world problems. Thanks for Reading!

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