Web Designer Vs Graphic Designer – Who Do You Need?

Web Designer Vs Graphic Designer – Who Do You Need?

When you plan for a successful website, it is important to understand the role of a custom web design agency and a graphic designer. Both professionals work for improving the performance of the website yet stand alone with their expertise.

There is a lot of confusion that both the domains are the same; however, web design services in the USA and graphic designing are completely different. Whether you want to start your career in any field or you want to avail any of these services, it is important to understand the key differences.

So, do I need a graphic designer or a web designer – or both? If you are looking for relevant details about this, you are at the right place. Let us explore the contribution and differences between a web designer and a graphic designer.

Graphic Designer Vs Web Designer – The Basic Difference:

do I need web designer or graphic designer or both

The major difference between graphic designers and web designers is the technical expertise they have. The web designer is more into programming whereas the graphic designer is more into the creative implementation of ideas.

To simplify the concept, graphic designers help to make the website attractive by using creative logos, marketing materials, social media materials, etc. On the other hand, web designers concentrate on making the website performing and user-friendly. To ensure a high-performing business website, the brands rely on the specific UI/UX design service.

Let us get into the detailed comparison between a web designer and a graphic designer.

The Role Of Graphic Designer –

what does a graphic designer do?

Before digging deep into the detailed comparison, it is important to understand what does a graphic designer do? To understand this in simple terms, a graphic designer combines his/her artistic ideas with the latest technologies to create an appealing visual appearance of the website.

Graphic designers are responsible for designing and developing the overall layout of the website. These designers focus on communicating the core ideas of the brand with visual elements. Moreover, graphic designers aim towards engaging the relevant audience with their innovative ideas and their creative implementation.

The Role Of Web Designer –

What does a web designer do? They are also popularly known as web developers and are solely responsible for creating the website. Web designers use various technologies to develop websites for different platforms such as mobile, laptop, desktop, etc.

The core responsibilities of a web designer include –

  • Programming or coding the website
  • Integrating the required audio and video
  • Creating the website's content
  • Testing the performance, speed, and conversion rate of the website
  • Monitoring the growth of the website, etc.

These basic differences are quite enough to understand if you need a custom web design agency or an expert graphic designer. However, if you still need more information, let us discuss the prominent differences between the two.

The Key Differences Between Graphic Designers And Web Designers –

A B2B web design agency focuses on creating a website for online use; on the other side, a graphic designer is mainly concerned with the print designs of the website. As the prime role of both designers concerns to improve the website's performance and conversion rate, they are often confused about the same.

To get you a detailed idea about the specific contribution of the custom web design agency and graphic designer, let us talk about the key differences –

  1. Technical Skills:

    Web designers are required to have knowledge, experience, and expertise in programming that supports website development. It won't be wrong to say that web designers support the laid foundation for a successful website. They should have detailed knowledge about how a design can work.

    Graphic designers, on the other side, can fully customize the website design by adding their creative and innovative ideas. Moreover, there aren't any limitations to upgrading and modifying the design elements.

  2. The Evolving Changes:

    You cannot deny the importance of web design services in the USA because of the ever-changing technological advancements. Technologies are rapidly changing and thus, the web designer should adapt to the flexibility and dynamic nature. It is important to ensure the speedy performance of the website.

    Graphic designing is more towards making a permanent impact. It generally remains unchanged over a period of time. The changes are also made just to enhance the visual appearance without affecting the core design pattern.

  3. Interactivity:

    In today's competitive world, it is important to make a website interactive. This is where you need the custom web design agency. It ensures to let the users interact with the website using the buttons and navigations to elevate its overall performance.

    Graphic designs support the website with limited interactivity. The users can touch, feel and see the designs but cannot interact with them unless they are animated.

  4. Software Used:

    Another evident difference between the two is the software they work with. A web designer usually works with web building and programming tools.

    Graphic designers, on the other side, make use of designing tools like Adobe, Canva, etc. They usually focus on enhancing the beauty of the visual elements of the website.

  5. File Dimensions:

    Last but not the least, it is the dimensions of the different files that define the difference between a graphic designer and a B2B web design agency. Web designers work with limited technical constraints like file size, website loading time, performance, responsive time, etc. They ensure elevating the functionality of the website with the required optimization.

    The graphic designer is mainly concerned with pixel and DPI size. They focus on using images with specific sizes to ensure their proper display and appearance. This is important to ensure that the website can successfully engage its relevant audience.

Final Thoughts:

The need for graphic design or web design services entirely depends on your need. If you want professional help to enhance the visual design of your website, you need a graphic designer. To improve the performance and optimization of the website, you need web design services in the USA.

It can also be the case that both professionals invest their expertise to ensure the best and most memorable experience for the visitors. Both professionals have their own expertise, thus, having them both for the website is the best decision you can take.

Do I need a graphic designer or a web designer – or both? If you still need more information related to this, connect with us in the comment section. We are the leading custom web design agency to help you with any of your web design needs and requirements. We are just a call away and looking forward to hearing from you.

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